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Juan Felipe Espinosa Cristia

Doctor of Management from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. Research professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the Andrés Bello University, Viña del Mar, Chile. He specializes in science, technology and society studies, organizational studies, and innovation. 

Juan Felipe is actually leading research in a couple of state-funded projects. Along with the project "Doing Laboratory Studies in Chile", he is leading the associative project Knowledge Production in Contemporary Science (SOC180039).

Juan Felipe had actively participated in Science and Technology associations in Europe, North America, and South America, organizing Doctoral Encounters, presentations boards, conference panels and even organizing a full STS Conference in the year 2016 at Valparaíso (Chile) for the Chilean STS association (CTS Chile). More recently, Juan Felipe was part of the Program Committee of the 4S New Orleans in 2019.

A complete list of Juan Felipe Espinosa publications can be accessed here.

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